Software is an iterative process. You will very rarely get it right the first time. If you ever do, the problem was likely simple. This implies simple problems are easier to solve well.

Good software engineers reduce problems down to their most essential parts. This extends past the IDE — Pushing back on product owners is one of our essential responsibilities. By doing so, we stave off tech debt, complexity, over-engineered solutions, and god knows what else.

It is important to remember that the best code is the code not written.

Keep your problems small and comprehensible. Your code will likely be small and comprehensible as well.

today I learned that echo appends a \n to its input.

If you’re doing something like this :

You’re probably fine with echo. However, if you’re doing something like this :

Here is where the issues begin. Not even echo -n could remove the trailing newline (If you know why, please let me know).

I fixed this by swapping echo with printf.

If you want to avoid newlines, printf is usually the way to go!

Sebastian Messier

Building things people need.

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